The New Film Fund was founded in 2015 by !f istanbul and Anadolu Kultur. It supports films that express solidarity and pave the way for change, adopt human rights in their broadest definition as their principle and give a voice to minorities. It aims to support stories that display a transformative quality in form and content, narratives that challenge borders between genres and projects that bring di erent encounters and experiences to the fore. By creating a platform that encourages diversity and polyphony, it hopes to enable the development of independent film production in Turkey.

The New Film Fund which so far has supported 55 documentaries, aims to assess and support films that display innovative qualities in terms of form and content during their development, production or post-production stages. The New Film Fund opens calls for submissions twice yearly.

The fund also aims to hold gatherings in which young filmmakers receive professional support from the industry. In its second year, !f Doc Lab, a collaboration between !f Istanbul and the New Film Fund, brings together documentary makers from the region to exchange information and know-how.