New !f² : A pioneering film distribution project that connects cities and countries!


Our partnership network throughout Turkey is gaining a whole new dimension! The spirit of the cinematheque is adapted to the 21st century in an innovative way: hotly debated current, alternative films will be screened and discussed in 33 cities, 50 locations at the same time!

The digital festival that !f Istanbul has brought to Turkey and neighbouring countries for nine years now is expanding in collaboration with the New Film Fund.

The New !f² series presents eight screenings spread throughout the year. A selection of films will be shown in all New !f² venues at the same time. Live conversations with filmmakers and guests will be broadcast at the New !f² venues in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Iran and Israel-Palestine.

To Women, To Life!
DATE: 24 / 25 February 2018

New !f² launches with a special celebration of five films and a focus on women’s stories. Set in Iran, Sadaf Foroughi’s acclaimed AVA explores teenage girlhood determined to burst open even in the most confi ning of environments. Dancing Girls continues the exploration of girl friendships. Brett Morgan’s popular film charts the eventful life of iconic chimpanzee champion Jane Goodall. The award-winning short animation The Wicked confronts us with the fragile yet unbreakable soul of little girls. Confrontation, by acclaimed Turkish documentary maker Nejla Demirci, wraps our focus on women’s issues today.


City Venue Institution
Adıyaman Adıyaman Youth Culture Association Adıyaman Youth Culture Association
Afyonkarahisar Municipality - RAM Hall Allied Arts Acedemy & Afyon Municipality
Ankara Haymatlos Haymatlos
Antakya Seyba Boutique & Cafe Antakya !f² Initiative
Antalya N'sin Cafe Alakır River Friendship Center
Balıkesir / Ayvalık Ayvalık Art Factory Ayvalık Municipality
Balıkesir / Bandırma Barış Manço Cultural Centre Bandırma Municipality
Balıkesir / Karesi Necatibey Faculty of Education Conference Room Karesi Municipality City Council
Batman Batman Culture and Art Association Screening Hall Batman Culture and Art Association
Bursa Konak Cultural Center Nilüfer Municipality
Çanakkale Ece Ayhan Cultural Center Ece Ayhan Civil Initiative
Çanakkale / Adatepe Adatepe Taşmektep Adatepe Taşmektep Association
Denizli Kitap Kurdu Cafe Kitap Kurdu Cafe
Diyarbakır Pale Huner & Cafe Pale Huner Art House
Edirne Trakya University Conference Hall Trakya University / Cinema Club
Eskişehir Yunus Emre Culture and Art Centre Odunpazarı Municipality
Filistin / Kudüs Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy
Gaziantep Gaziantep Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Nar Art Association
Giresun Giresun University Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Conference Hall Giresun University Cinema Community
İran / Tahran Parking Video Library New Media Society
İzmir / Güzelbahçe Academico Academico
İzmir / Konak Kırkmerdiven Kırkmerdiven
İzmir / Seferihisar Municipality for the Children GençBank Seferihisar
Kastamonu Ahmed Yesevi Conference Hall Kastamonu University Media and Communication Community
Kıbrıs / Lefkoşa Studio 21 Sidestreets Educational and Cultural Initiative
Lüleburgaz Lüleburgaz Cinema Community Association Lüleburgaz Yıldızlar Woman Academy
Malatya İnönü University Library's Seminar Hall İnönü University
Manisa / Soma Social Rights Association Soma Representation Office Social Rights Association Soma Representation Office
Mardin / Kızıltepe Daktilo Culture Art Cafe Mardin Cinema Association
Mardin / Nusaybin Nusaybin Coffee House Nusaybin Coffee House
Mersin M. İlhan - A. Uğural Hall İçel Art Club
Muğla / Bodrum Zai New Age Library Zai Bodrum
Muğla / Bodrum BodruM’ola BodruM’ola
Muş Genç Birikim Association Genç Birikim Association
Nevşehir / Ürgüp Argos in Cappadocia - Bezirhane Argos in Cappadocia
Samsun / Atakum TOG İğne Deliği Youth Centre TOG İğne Deliği Youth Centre
Samsun OMU UZEM Conference Hall Ondokuz Mayıs University
Trabzon Ruhi Türkyılmaz Art House Trabzon Cinema Association
Van Mephisto Theatre Cafe !f İstanbul Van Initiative







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