!f Doc lab 2017: Inspiration, courage, know-how

We are interested in the documentary filmmaker as activist, artist and truth-teller. Filmmakers in this region today are asked to navigate a challenging climate to tell the stories they feel need to be heard.

This gathering of documentary filmmakers from Turkey and the region is designed foremost as a respite, a moment to pause and receive support, strength and encouragement. It will involve mentoring and feedback on individual projects from established industry names. It will also feature filmmakers from the region and beyond who can contribute tales of inspiration and success, despite di cult odds: how they got their projects made and launched them into the world. We will look at the crossover between personal and political narratives, and the types of decision-making involved. We will find out about possible resources, both locally and internationally, that might be helpful in making decisions. This is an opportunity to connect among peers and to an international network of support.

The meeting, open to accredited filmmakers, is organized by !f Istanbul in collaboration with The new Film Fund.