Love & Change, An International Competition & A Networking Platform

We live in challenging times. War, suffering and human rights violations break us every day. We feel at a loss, overwhelmed and confused as to how we can intervene and make a change. This competition was started four years ago in response to these circumstances. Today, we need hope and courage even more. We host filmmakers who look at the world with critical eyes and soft hearts, believe that another world is possible, and who prove to us, through their work, that cinematic interventions can bring change. We hope there’s some inspiration in each and every one of these films for anyone who personally or collectively wants to take action. We award the film selected by the love & Change international competition jury with a $10,000 cash prize.


Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing, China in 1957. An outspoken human rights activist, Ai was arrested by Chinese authorities in April 2011 and held incommunicado for three months. Upon his release, he was prohibited from traveling abroad or engaging in public speech, and was subjected to continued government surveillance. Ai’s position as a provocateur and dissident artist informs the tenor and reception of much of his recent work. He infuses his sculptures, photographs, and public artworks with political conviction and personal poetry, often making use of recognizable and historic Chinese art forms in critical examinations of a host of contemporary Chinese political and social issues. He also employs sarcasm, juxtaposition and repetition to reinvigorate the potency and symbolism of traditional images and to reframe the familiar. A writer and curator, Ai extends his practice across multiple disciplines and through social media to communicate with a global public and to engage fellow artists with projects on a massive scale.

Ece Temelkuran

Journalist-writer Ece Temelkuran was born in 1973 in İzmir. She studied Law at Ankara University. She started working for Cumhuriyet Newspaper in 1993, and was a correspondent and columnist there for 20 years, frequently named the ‘most-read columnist.’ In 1996, she was chosen as ‘the journalist of the year’ by the German government, and she carried out research on the women’s movement in Germany. As one of Turkey’s best-known writers and political critics, Temelkuran’s articles have been published in various newspapers and magazines including Le Monde Diplomatique, Der Spiegel, Berliner Zeitung, New York Times and The Guardian. She gave the ‘Freedom Speech’ in 2013 in Amsterdam as a guest of Amnesty International and the Prince Claus Fund. Temelkuran’s books have been adapted for the theater published in thirteen countries including China, Germany, France, England, and Hungary. Her books are: ‘Bütün Kadınların Kafası Karışıktır’ (1996), ‘Oğlum Kızım Devletim -Evlerden Sokaklara Tutuklu Anneleri’ (1997), ‘Kıyı Kitabı’ (2002), ‘İç Kitabı’ (2002), ‘Dışarıdan Kıyıdan Konuşmalar’ (2004), ‘İçeriden Kıyıdan Konuşmalar’ (2005), ‘Biz Burada Devrim Yapıyoruz Sinyorita!’ (2006), ‘Ne Anlatayım Ben Sana!’ (2006), ‘Ağrının Derinliği’ (2008), ‘Muz Sesleri’ (2010), ‘İkinci Yarısı’ (2011), ‘Kayda Geçsin’ (2012), ‘Düğümlere Üfleyen Kadınlar’ (2013), ‘Devir’ (2015), ‘Euphorie und Wehmut’ (Çılgın ve Hüzünlü) (2015).

Khalid Abdalla

Khalid Abdalla was born in 1980 in Glasgow, Scotland to Egyptian parents. He names London and Cairo as his two cities. He graduated from Cambridge University. He is an actor, producer and filmmaker, but also works in cultural production and alternative media. His creativity and political beliefs reflect equally in his work. He is aware that working to make structural changes is as essential as ideological ones. Acting credits include leading roles in United 93 (2006), Green Zone (2010), The Kite Runner (2007), Danis Tanovic’s Tigers (2016) and Tamer El Said’s In the Last Days of the City (2016) - which Khalid also produced, and is a part of this year’s !f Inspired Competition. He is also in the production team for Hanan Abdalla’s documentary. In the Shadow of a Man and the upcoming film by Hanan Abdalla & Cressida Trew, The Vote. He also appears as himself in Jehane Noujaim’s Oscar nominated The Square. Khalid is a founding member of three collaborative initiatives in Cairo – Cimatheque, Zero Production and Mosireen.