!nspired International Competition Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

!f’s highly acclaimed and prestigious ‘Inspired’ competition aims once again to chart new trends in contemporary cinema. The competition targets the most innovative and edgy creative works of the year by rst or second-time lmmakers. Mapping di erent landscapes and spanning di erent shades of the imagination, this year’s ‘!f Inspired’ displays new methods of storytelling and lmmaking, with choices that blend ction with documentary. look out for genre-defying dreams, contemporary tales of urban ruins, lms weaving politics with poetry, challenging social realist dramas, and many other hidden treasures.


Florent Herry

Florent Herry (SBC) is a Belgian cinematographer born in Morlaix (Finistère) in 1963. He graduated from IAD – the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium – and made his cinematography debut on the short film The Perme (1991) by Thibaud Staib and Emmanuel Sylvestre, followed by their feature film Andre le magnifique, winner of the Special Jury Award at the 2000 Paris Film Festival.

In 1998 Herry started his collaboration with Reha Erdem, one of the most prominent contemporary Turkish directors, as cinematographer on Erdem’s first feature Run for Money (Kaç Para Kaç), Turkey’s official submission to the 73rd Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Since then Herry kept working on all the following films directed by Erdem, providing for each of them a very refined and complex visual style which granted him many awards in the best festivals around the world. Big Big World marks the latest of these collaborations which was awarded with the Special Jury Award at the recent Venice Film Festival.

Nesrin Cavadzade

Born in 1982 in Baku Azerbaijan, Cavazade moved to Turkey when she was 11 years old. After graduating from Marmara University Cinema and TV Program, she studied acting in Şahika Tekand Studio Actors for two years. In 2007 she appeared in her first movie Pazar - Bir Ticaret Masalı. Following year she won the best female actress awards in Erzurum, Bursa and Ankara Movie Festivals for her role in Dilberin Sekiz Günü. She gained wide recognition performing in television series such as Samanyolu, Al Yazmalım, Ağır Roman, Yeni Dünya, Küçük Ağa and continued her succesfull film career with Güzel Günler Göreceğiz (2011), Yangın Var (2011) receiving the best actress award at the Antalya film Festival with Kuzu (2014).

Richie Mehta

Mehta’s first feature film Amal (2007) won over 30 international awards, was nominated for 6 Genie awards, including Best Picture, Director, and Adapted Screenplay, and was named one of the top ten Canadian films of the decade by Playback Magazine. After Amal, he directed I’ll Follow You Down (2013), a science-fiction drama, and Siddharth (2013, !f 2014), a Hindi-language film which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Siddharth has received over 25 international awards, and was shortlisted for best foreign language film at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. Mehta’s latest project, India in a Day (2016, !f 2017), is a Google- produced crowd-sourced documentary tracking a day in the life of India.


Barış Saydam

Saydam was born in Istanbul in 1983. After graduating from Marmara University’s Faculty of Communication, he started writing film criticism in Altyazı magazine. In 2008, he established the website Avrupa Sineması. In 2011, he started working as website editor at Hayal Perdesi magazine and became a member of the editorial board. He worked as editor-in-chief at the magazine Cine Belge, published by TÜRVAK. Since 2012, he has been teaching Film Analysis courses at the Sinematek Association. From 2013, he has also been working as assistant coordinator and content editor on the Turkish Cinema Research (TSA) project. His published books include ‘Giovanni Scognamillo’nun Gözüyle Yeşilçam’ (2011), ‘Sinemada Tarih Yazımı’ (2015), ‘Erol Ağakay: Yeşilçam’a Adanmış Bir Hayat’ (2015), ‘Oyuncu, Yönetmen, Senarist, Yapımcı Yılmaz Güney’ (2015) and ‘Karanlıkta Işığı Yakalamak: Ahmet Uluçay Derlemesi’ (2016).

Janet Barış

Barış was born in 1982. She studied literature at Istanbul University, graduating in 2004, when she was accepted to the masters program in Communication Science at the University of Marmara, Faculty of Communication. She finished her masters in 2006 with a thesis titled “Cinematic Object and the Power Of Observation”. Her analysis and criticism has been published in various magazines. She took her PhD degree in August 2013 with a thesis on “Contemporary Turkish Cinema and Melancholy.” She is currently teaching at Nisantaşı University Faculty of Art as an Assistant Professor.

Murat Tırpan

Murat Tırpan was born in Izmir in 1975 and studied philology. After teaching Turkish for a while, he continued his academic career in cinema, studying in the Film Design and Cinema -TV departments of Aegean University, İzmir University of Economics, Muğla University and Doğuş University. His reviews appear in periodicals such as Altyazı Sinema Dergisi, Cumhuriyet, Yeni Sinema, Ayrıntı Dergi, Psikeart and Episode Dergi. Currently, he is the head of the Fine Arts Faculty Cinema-TV Department at Okan University and teaches theoretical classes such as cinema theory, film criticism, film language, and cinema history.