Rendez-Vous of Possibilities: A Gathering of !f 2017’s Shorts Directors from Turkey

18 February 2017 (14:30 - 16:30) Alt Sanat Mekâni

This is an informal conversation with the directors of some !f 2017 films from the Shorts From Turkey selection who continue to inspire us by digging tunnels through dead-ends.

This year, the four different sections of Shorts from Turkey come together to tell an overarching story. Within that story is a question that has echoed in our minds: In an existence where time has suddenly and viciously stopped, hesitating to move backwards or forward, how can vast inner worlds, personal motivations, passions and better possibilities continue to exist? Is it possible to sustain a good life in a decidedly bad lifetime? What is the remedy? Their approach comes from different angles covering a diverse array of narrative and visual techniques, but it is still not surprising that our directors manage to touch on similar notes. So, how do we continue to produce uncompromising works that encourage and inspire us, even as we falteringly travel through a dark wormhole? We will be talking about the tremendously complicated yet compelling ways of finding truth while bringing a creation into life, in the worlds of our characters and in this strange thing called reality. Wear your bear hides on your shoulders, and come.

Participant(s): !f Türkiyeden Kisalar 2017 Yönetmenleri

Moderator(s): Serra Ciliv, Engin Palabiyik

Language: Turkish