Life Needs New Songs

18 February 2017 (18:00 - 20:00) Alt Sanat Mekâni

Derya Bengi is one of Turkey’s foremost writers on music. He moderates this broad, rich conversation on music, which include writing songs with the guest musicians, singing and “listening to the best song from the world’s best voice.” The importance of songs in our lives; songs that come from films, plays, literature, homes and streets; Dylan’s Nobel and Cohen’s legacy; folk poets of the past, present and future, and many more subjects will spice up this lively conversation. As Ben Harper says, the world can’t get enough good songs; or, as Bulent Ortacgil puts it: “Life needs new songs.”

Participants: Harun Tekin (musician), Ulaş Özdemir (musician and ethnomusicologist), Evrim Hikmet Öğüt (ethnomusicologist).

Moderator(s): Derya Bengi

Language: Turkish