A Sound and Frequency Awareness Workshop with KUAN

21 February 2017 (18:00 - 20:00) Alt Sanat Mekâni

As we go about the daily business of living, we are rarely aware of sound and frequency. At most, we may listen to something on our headphones on our way home or pick up bits of music from our environment. In truth, developing an awareness of sound, frequency and rhythm is like opening the door to a mysterious world. For centuries, from primitive tribes to the present day, music -- as a science of the unknown -- has been an important way to open this door. This workshop is intended to develop this awareness further.

Limited to 20 people. No experience is needed.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Tickets will be on sale at biletix.com & not at the door.

Who is Demircan Demir? From the moment he first discovered his own voice, Demircan Demir has researched and lived the effect of sound and frequency on living beings. He seeks to share his experience, compositions and music through the group KUAN, which he founded five years ago.

Who is Barkın Çoruh? A sound traveller...

Workshop Supervisor: KUAN - Demircan Demir & Barkin Çoruh

Fee: 60 TL

Language: Turkish